Jorge de la Torriente

Jorge de la Torriente blurs the lines between painting and photography, art and science, and the deliberate and serendipitous. His approach to his work is calculated yet unstructured. And his results are simultaneously minimalistic and majestic.

"My goal is not to create what looks unnatural but to create something the viewer can believe in."

Heavily influenced by his study of architecture, de la Torriente injects his viewpoint into each piece, always in an effort to create meaning. His photographs are creations instead of replications. His camera takes a picture but he executes a vision.

Much of de la Torriente’s artistry is in his processing. Inspired by the masters, he creates finished pieces that feel like paintings but are clearly products of photography.

The use of long exposure, a simplified color palette and printing on smooth matte paper all help de la Torriente achieve his signature painterly effect.

"Taking a picture straight out of the camera is never enough. I need to interpret what I have captured and create a final statement.

de la Torriente doesn’t just want his viewers to see. He wants them to feel. His work is mysterious yet calming, simple but layered. His subject matter also lends to the emotion. He allows viewers to appreciate nature’s beautiful simplicity while experiencing its incredible vastness. He removes all distracting details from his scenes, letting viewers lose themselves in what can only seem like a single moment in time.

Born: Miami, FL

Education: Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University